Full Range Physical Therapy is a locally owned outpatient practice and we are here to help you get back to life.

We currently have 3 Physical Therapists on staff and whether it is to help you recover from an injury or post-surgical condition, to decrease fall risk or rehabilitation to get back on the job or back to your favorite sport we are excited to be of service. We excel and enjoy helping you get back to your maximum functional capability. Here are some of the services we provide:


Orthopedic Rehab & Sports Medicine

Full Range PT therapists have a strong background in orthopedic and sports physical therapy and we are very comfortable treating most musculoskeletal conditions. Do you have a neck or back strain, knee sprain or have you sprained an ankle? Have you recently had a hip, knee or shoulder surgery? Are you recovering from a neck or back surgery? We can assist you with the recovery of these and many other orthopedic conditions. We have worked alongside with many of our healthcare providers and surgeons in the region for many years to provide you with efficient and quality orthopedic physical therapy care.

Our therapists have been involved in high school athletics for many years. We enjoy being a part of the action at our local high schools and caring for our student athletes. High school involvement has been a cornerstone of our operation and we are proud to be on the sidelines to assist with sports medicine at many of the Elko High School and Spring Creek High School events. Go Indians and Spartans!

We are there for the weekend warriors too. We understand the importance of getting you back to your favorite recreational activities. We live in a great area for outdoor recreation. Let us help you get back to hiking or cycling in the beautiful Ruby Mountains. We want to help you get back to the hunt for that trophy Elk, deer or antelope. Maybe bowling, swimming or gardening is your thing…We can help get you back to the activities you love most!

Industrial & Workplace Health

Full Range PT therapists have long partnered with Worker’s Compensation and many local companies to assist in getting workers healed and back on the job. Whether you are trying to get back to the gold mines, on the railroad or back on the ranch, we get great satisfaction in helping our customers get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. We consider all stakeholders in an industrial rehab case and will work together with the medical provider, employer and patient for the best possible result for all parties involved. Jeff Eckert is a Certified Worker’s Compensation Healthcare Provider and for years our clinic has been involved in providing pre-work screen services for many of our local companies.




Full Range PT therapists have for many years worked with local pediatricians to provide care for many different conditions specific to children. Our physical therapists will use play and meet your child wherever their condition finds them to help them develop and grow optimally. We commonly work with many different pediatric conditions including but not limited to: Infant torticollis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Post-Surgical, Musculoskeletal and sport injury and Preventative care.

Geriatric / Fall Risk / Balance

Full Range PT therapists can assist with keeping you moving and enjoying life as you enter your “golden years”. Arthritis, deconditioning and fading of our senses are a few of the challenges we face later in life. Our therapists enjoy working with our local senior citizens whether it’s following a joint replacement or to face general weakness and balance deficits. The best way to treat a fall is to avoid one in the first place and we are committed to providing treatment to promote optimal balance and reduce risk of falling. Our therapists may even come to visit you in your home as Full Range PT partners with our local health agencies and can offer some home health physical therapy services.


Full Range PT therapists often work with a myriad of neurologic conditions. Challenges caused by Traumatic brain injuries, Spinal cord injury, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Upper Extremity or Lower Extremity Radicular symptoms and neuropathy are some of the many neurologic conditions we can assist with.


Patients are sometimes surprised to learn that physical therapists are able to assist with some vestibular disorders. Our body uses the vestibular system which is located in our inner ear for balance and spatial awareness. Vestibular disorders can cause dizziness, nausea and headaches and are treatable by techniques that physical therapists are trained in. If you are struggling with a vestibular problem a Full Range PT therapist will work with you and your primary care provider and may be able to assist you in relieving your symptoms.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is an effective and fun medium often used in the world of physical therapy. Post-surgical, pediatric, geriatric and many other types of patients may benefit from the effects of buoyancy and resistance that aquatic therapy offers. Full Range PT therapists can “dive in” and help you to build a comprehensive aquatic program to assist you in meeting your therapy goals.

And more…

Elko, Spring Creek and our surrounding communities are rural areas and as such our clinic is often met with many varieties of conditions and diagnosis types not mentioned above. The conditions above are some of the more common conditions we treat. If you are unsure if we can help with your particular problem or condition please give us a call, there is a good chance we can help and if not we may be able to direct you to an appropriate healthcare provider.